1. Exhibition Overview

The OUE professional wear · group clothing exhibition jointly sponsored by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Textile and Apparel Industry Chamber of Commerce and Lingshuo Exhibition Group adheres to the focus on establishing the brand exhibition of the Chinese professional clothing industry. As a leader in the development of the professional clothing industry, it has always been the upstream and downstream of the industry supply chain Companies display new products, obtain orders, and buyers develop a comprehensive platform of quality resources for quality suppliers.

Since its establishment in 2012, the platform has accumulated 5,000+ exhibitors, 100,000+ exhibition visitors, and 10,000+ square meters of exhibition area. It is committed to providing a business platform for the entire industry chain of display and communication for the professional wear industry and helping companies break through the market. Trade bottlenecks, exploring and exploring new market opportunities.

2. Sub-exhibition introduction

OUE Professional Wear·Group Wear Exhibition (Shanghai)

The 2021 OUE professional wear and group wear exhibition will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on May 27-29, 2021.

With the theme of "Relocation and Expansion, Boosting the Development of Professional Wear for a New Future", the exhibition comprehensively covers enterprises in professional wear and group wear clusters, displays all types of professional wear, and innovatively helps the industry to understand the development of the professional wear industry more intuitively. Motivation to promote the new future of China's professional wear development.

OUE Professional Wear·Group Wear Exhibition (Chengdu)

The first OUE Professional Wear·Group Wear Exhibition (Chengdu) will be held in Chengdu·West China International Expo City on Dec 24-26,2021. 

With the theme of “layout in the west, radiate across the country”, the exhibition will build a one-stop high-end business platform for professional wear brand companies and professionals in western China to exchange transactions, supply and demand connections, and provide professional wear service companies, associations/government agencies, and apparel designers in western China. Academies, enterprises, institutions, and industry channel providers present an unprecedented scale, clear theme, and rich content of professional wear and apparel event. It aims to promote the development and construction of the professional wear industry in western China, release the innovative power of the professional wear industry, and lead the western professional wear industry. The industry's attack is even higher.

The first Chengdu Exhibition is the first regional sub-exhibition of OUE Professional Wear·Group Wear Exhibition. The OUE professional wear and group wear exhibition will be held in Shanghai and Chengdu in two exhibitions a year next year.





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